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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A thankyou mail to the Hong Kong International Airport

The following is  my thank you mail to the Hong Kong International Airport staff that I had written in 2010.
Its worth publishing here so that we can learn a few things here in our country and especially our airports.

Hi everybody at the HK Airport,

I am writing here, to thank you everybody out there at the HK airport for the great experience that I had there. I along with my wife, landed on 29th June, 2010, for our honeymoon trip. It was morning 7 AM. Actually, while going to board our bus to hotel, we forgot/lost our Sony digicam at the waiting (near tourist poles)  area. So before boarding the bus, my wife looked around for the camera, but couldn't find anywhere. So we went to the hotel, and we were in such a bad mood that we thought our honeymoon has been ruined. We reached the Regal Oriental Hotel at about 10.30 AM. I spoke to the help desk their about this incident, so a person there told me that the airport has a Lost and Found department, and we should speak to them. He gave us the number of the HK airport, and I called, my call was transferred to Mr. Jackie in the Lost and Found department of the airport. I told Mr Jackie that I am Manav and me and my wife landed at the airport this morning from New Delhi, India and have lost our Sony Digicam there. He asked me the model of the camera, I told its T-200. Then he told that "Yes we have one camera with Indian pictures." Suddenly my mood changed and I was so happy as I was sure it was ours. I asked him whether its a black color camera, he replied yes it is. Then I asked him, how can I claim it back, to which he said I need to come back to the airport and sign a paper. I thanked him, and asked the hotel staff how to go back to the airport from the hotel. They told me to take the bus number A22. I went to the nearby bus stop, after some time the bus came, I boarded and reached the airport. There I located the Lost and Found department at the level 6, with the help of ever-helping airport staff. There I met Mr. Jackie in his chamber, I told him about our conversation earlier about the lost camera. He just picked the camera from the table and handed over to me. I tried to show him my picture in the camera, to which he said that "I've already seen that." So nice of him actually. Then he gave me a paper where i filled my India address and signed it. Then I thanked him once again. I could never in my dreams have thought that a lost camera be recovered back. But all the thanks to the unknown person who found it handed it over to Mr. Jackie. Then I came out and was looking to go to the bust terminal again, but was not able to find the way. So there a lady staffer (middle-aged-about 50+), being so generous, helped me buy an Octopus card and then accompanied me to the bust terminal, from where I could get the A22 again, back to the Regal Oriental. I thanked that lady as well. After that me and my wife were so happy, grateful to the HK airport people and enjoyed our stay there to the fullest.

So, in short, I want to thank all the Airport staff in HK, particularly the unknown person who found the camera and gave to Lost and Found Department, Mr. Jackie who was kind enough and returned the camera with no hassle at all, the lady who told me how to buy the octopus card and then the way to bus terminal. and all others whom I asked directions to reach at Mr. Jackie's Chamber.

I request you to convey my hearty regards and love for all these people.
I wish, if you people come to India, we are also able to be like you.
You have not only performed your duty, but made a friend for life time.
You people are just unforgettable.

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