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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cricket will never be the same again...

Cricket will never be the same again for our generation without the Master Blaster! Thanks Sachin for the two decades of great entertainment...
Its an end to a great sporting era, in which we grew looking up to you and expecting a century each time you went in! With you moving on, I think we too are entering in a new phase. 

For us, cricket will always be before Sachin, during Sachin and after Sachin. Each shot you played have given us immense pleasure and mere your presence was enough to entice.

I still remember when we used to switch off television once you got out, as cricket to us meant Sachin only! This short message is just to salute you and thank you for the joy you gave us!

Great sportsman and equally great human, long live, the Master!

 Thank You Sachin.

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