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Monday, October 4, 2010

Response to Tom Fordyce and His Report on the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony in Delhi

A response to Tom Fordyce's (of BBC) report at http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/tomfordyce/2010/10/delight_delights_-_now_for_the.html

Are you a sports journalist? Your report doesn't seem a sports story at all! Are you trying to tell the world that India is poor? Means, the world did not know this earlier and you made some kind of a discovery?
Nobody is proud of its poverty in India, and people need to fight it, I am sure they are going to do great things in the near future and put an end to the poverty. But yesterday was the night to be proud of, as a big sporting event was being inaugurated and the ceremony was fairly good, good enough that Indians could be proud of, good enough that the world should have been happy that something like this could be staged in India and above everybody could enjoy the good entertainment. This point about displaced people and extreme poverty, (I watched this story on the BBC World News' program Asia Today, this morning as well), you could have aired this report yesterday or a day after, I do not understand why or what was the pressing need to club the opening ceremony to this report of people living in poverty. Nobody is proud of poverty, but I am sure the people you have reported about, they would also have enjoyed this ceremony. You can go back and get their reactions. You have actually confused two different topics, and the outcome was nothing more than a bad report. As I read the various comments here, majority of the people commenting have not liked your report, I do not know how BBC sees it, but I suggest you need to do some introspection as what were you trying to report and what you ended up with!

Simply, may be, if some opening ceremony of games could make Indians happy for some time and forget the poverty, you should have reported and let them feel proud of whatever they were happy about. Its more that people are reacting to your report because you are connected to BBC, a respected news source in India so far. Otherwise, nobody would have bothered to write such length comments on this piece of sheer bad standard reporting.

I suggest next time you make a report, consider the following points to be included or researched or discovered by you:

1. Why does Common Wealth Organization (CWO) exist?
2. What have been the achievements of CWO?
3. How many countries have been helped by CWO in fighting poverty?
4. What has been the economic impact of British colonialism on the CW countries that is carrying to the 21st century?
5. Is it true that the CWO is an attempt to keep the sense/feel of the British empire alive among the royal family of Britain and other imperialistic people?
6. What did Britain do to rehabilitate the countries which had huge economic impact of the British occupation?
7. Why did not Britain return the wealth that was accumulated from the occupied countries by all unfair means and filled the treasures of your own country?
8. How many countries are reeling under poverty even today because of the historic economic exploitation of these countries by Britain?
9. Why Britain fed its children with the food that was meant for the malnutrition-ed children of countries like India?
10. Do people think that their ancestors them on the looted food and brought them up with the wealth accumulated by committing atrocities on the poor people of occupied countries during colonialism?

Tom, do write an article and a TV report with these points covered, because the real reason for the in-human conditions of many countries that they live in today...root back to the occupation and economic exploitation of those countries by none other than Great Britain, whose prince Charles came down to the opening ceremony and declared the so called Common Wealth games open in Delhi, yesterday! What do you feel proud of, Tom?

Looking forward to your response or a response from BBC.

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Anonymous said...

his blog has been written by his bosses at bbc.
look at his photograph,does he look like a person who can properly put together a sentence,he's just a unlettered fool.
he's a front for the bbc's editorial policy.