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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Railway Crossing Mess, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India

This may seem to you very usual Indian phenomenon, but there is a difference actually. While returning back to Delhi, from Himachal, we thought of seeing the Brahm Sarovar at Kuruksetra, on August 24, 2010. We roamed around for a while, then started back towards the GT road. After driving for around 10 minutes, we encountered this railway level crossing, with barriers down. So, it was a typical Indian scene, with people bending down and sneaking through the rail road. We were waiting for around 30 minutes already when we saw a train engine coming towards the crossing, so we were relieved a bit.

The engine arrived, but to our amaze, it stopped in the middle of the crossing! It stayed there for 5 minutes and then went back. But bars were not released, even it had gone back. We could only watch the drama and repent taking that road. Then later, after another 30 minutes, it came back again and did the same. May be it was changing the tracks, I guess. On both sides of the road, by that time, huge traffic had queued! My question to the Indian Railways, or to any authority/department responsible for civil infrastructure, is that even in the 21st century, why we have to go through such "planned" mess daily.

The whole road was blocked for over an hour, what for?, engine changing tracks dot at the level crossing? Such things can only happen in India! Is it a design fault on the part of the Railways or the agency who constructed the road, but the sufferer is the general public. After all this drama, stuck helplessly for more than an hour there, I could imagine why the rate of mishaps at the level crossings in India is so high. This video may make you remember the similar incidents that you yourself might have been through.

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