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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rain Rain Don't Go Away

Its raining like July and temperature like October, but its only May in Delhi!
What more you ask for? The nature is so kind that its raining almost daily.

Mornings are so cool and fresh, and evenings are extremely amazing,
Its drizzling all the day and you can feel when the nature is so caring.

The India Gate lawns are full with people and trees waving with the wind so gentle,
After boating in the Purana Qila lake you can visit the Akshardhaam temlple.

People come out of their offices after lunch and go out for a stroll too,
Rain lovers don't mind even getting wet so they play and thats all they do.

With every shower it gets, the city looks fresh, wearing a green dress,
But the heavy storms, thundering and fire-like lightening is not scaring less.

I wonder, if it's because of global warming, then what is bad in it?
It's temporary though, they say, but for a guy like me, its perfect fit.

All i can say is, rain rain don't go away,
For such lovely weather we always pray.

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Unknown said...

Cute poem Pam :-)