Even a fool knows you can't reach the stars, but that doesn't stop a wise man from trying...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thinking and Parching!!

It's like if I am confined in my own world and i'm parching too, and trying to bring peace to my own self.
Yes, because, I have time to think and i am thinking too much. These few days, when I am sick and at home, have given me some great insights.
As far as I remember, this is for the first time in my professional career that I have taken a long break out of my office because of my health. There is no reason to enjoy and there is no reason to be very sad too. But sitting at home and doing nothing can do a lot to you, especially when you are not in very good health.

This is the time you can be Comfortably Numb, without Pink Floyd too.

Watching the IPL final was as entertaining as it could get. And news on the television covering the same stories for the last few months, as if there is nothing new happening around. Comedy there is all old and repeating too. Fuel prices, they are talking of increasing substantially but people are already troubled enough with the food and commodities prices which have not only shocked them but made them change there preferences while going on shopping. All this i am saying because I too got some time to think about these things while on leave.

The world order is changing, globalization has happened enough or its gonna see many more spheres? The slowing economy of the U.S. is said to be the reason for many companies to not to do the salary hikes here in India, I wonder, what is the fault of the employees if U.S. economy is not doing good, or we are not able to provide the value they ask for? God knows!

I also got much time to explore some spiritual side of me, though there is nothing much i could make out. There is a lot which i am not sure about and i don't know what stuff i am cut for.
There are many dreams, which i have killed, simply because i don't have time for them, but still i want to rekindle some of them again and thats where my inner strength never lets me retract. The quadrangle of my strength perhaps comprises Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual sides, like everybody's i guess. A few sides may be weak at the moment, but i am sure to regain the momentum and move towards my dreams in full swing. Dreams, which are very big, but as they say no dream is big unless you don't achieve it.

You see the stars and they are too far,
Man, your mind and body seem at war.

I don't know, why i wrote about my self more tonight, than the topics i usually write on, but then this is the time i am thinking more about myself.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rain Rain Don't Go Away

Its raining like July and temperature like October, but its only May in Delhi!
What more you ask for? The nature is so kind that its raining almost daily.

Mornings are so cool and fresh, and evenings are extremely amazing,
Its drizzling all the day and you can feel when the nature is so caring.

The India Gate lawns are full with people and trees waving with the wind so gentle,
After boating in the Purana Qila lake you can visit the Akshardhaam temlple.

People come out of their offices after lunch and go out for a stroll too,
Rain lovers don't mind even getting wet so they play and thats all they do.

With every shower it gets, the city looks fresh, wearing a green dress,
But the heavy storms, thundering and fire-like lightening is not scaring less.

I wonder, if it's because of global warming, then what is bad in it?
It's temporary though, they say, but for a guy like me, its perfect fit.

All i can say is, rain rain don't go away,
For such lovely weather we always pray.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


If you can't be a hope to someone, let someone be your hope :)