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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Reservation: Why Our Politicians are Playing Games With the Future of Our Country?


With almost all the politicians of our country moving ahead with their attempts to bring reservation to the level of 50% and that too in country's pioneer educational institutions, we can only say that these politicians are playing a very dangerous game with the future of this nation. Price of this game will be very high and would be paid by our coming generations. This democracy, which we boast of having the largest in the world, has merely become a toy in the dirty hands of petty politicians who use it only to attain power and use the sentiments of general public to acquire their votes. Just to remain in power and win votes, they can go to any extreme that we all know. And if the reservation is the tool they are using now what would be their next tool to sustain into the politics? That means we are yet to see the worst of this political lust yet.

We all know how this reservation is going to affect us, be it in educational institutions or in jobs, but dont you think same time that by bringing incapable people to those places where they dont deserve at all would be dangerous for our country in all fileds. We may never be able to achieve what we all aspire for our nation, a nation that can walk shoulder to shoulder with the leading nations around the world. We may never be able to develop our human resourcses to the level which is requisite for a country to get to that level. Our technological and other resources would never be so capable to challenge the current powers of this world. How would we be a developed nations in this scenario?

I'm scared of just thinking this, its not just our individual dreams that are being taken away but dreams and aspirations of our nations as a whole are at stake if our politicians carry on pursuing such political games. We need to find out ways to address this situation today to avert a bigger damage in future. If anything can be done then its got to be done today only. Otherwise tomorow it may be very late. We, the responsible youth of this nation should join our hands to build a pressure on the political circles of our country to make them think in the right direction and not just use the sentiments of general public as a tool to obtain power only.

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