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Friday, May 18, 2007

Me, A Book?! What Are You?

When some time back a friend asked me what object I identify myself with, the query was so sudden and caught me unprepared. I had no ready answer so i thought for a few seconds and the only thing came out of my mind was a book. A book! Why did i say a book, asked the friend! I could only say, that moment, that like a book different people read me and interprett me differently, whatever suits them. So i just averted a very simple and light query with this equally simple statement.

But, as my nature is to think about every single thing in detail, this didn't go off my mind easily. Later in the night, when i was about to sleep, i started thinking, why did I say a book? Is it really something which I can relate myself to? I started comparing myself with a book. But I was surprised to find there were all the similarities betwen two of us.

To many people, a book is a friend when it is relevant and just an object when its use is over. Same to me! People come to books when they have no other way to go and they forget these books when they are through. A book has everything to give to its reader but when the book needs some care from the reader, it is just ignored. There is no one whom a book can look up to when needed. Really!

The book has soluitons to every problem of its reader but nothing for its own troubles. But still the book never thinks bad of its reader. It still has everything which its reader needs. Its a big ocean of knowledge, love and care for its reader which will always be there no matter what circumstances the life puts them (book and reader) accross.

Well, I would say books and the friends which are like books should never be dumped or forgotten simply because their selfless love would never end for you. They are very delicate and also need you and your care too at times. Whatever you do to them, they will always be with you and care for you, whenever you need or dont need.

So briefly, this was Manav, a Book, what you identify yourself with?

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